Choose what they want to read

  • Choose from a collection of interactive and engaging reading passages organized by grades
  • Have their parents and/or teachers create or upload interactive passages for you to read

Choose how they want to read

  • Have an entire passage read out loud by the WhizRead app or select text that needs to be read out loud, by tapping on the owl.
  • Increase or decrease the font size to suit your needs
  • Flip pages like you would a real book

Look it up on demand

  • Become an independent reader by instantly finding out what a word means without leaving the app or asking someone for help!
  • While reading a passage, tap on any word to get its pronunciation and context sensitive definitions with examples
  • Choose to have the definitions and examples read out loud if needed

See and hear it in action

  • Visualizing and hearing about a word or phrase is a powerful way to understand what it means.
  • Just tap on a word or phrase to check out an image or video or hear actual associated sounds – like a lion roaring or a car revving its engine
  • If the word is part of a phrase, tap on the phrase too to check out an image or video or hear actual associated sounds

Test their comprehension skills

  • Ensure you have truly comprehended what they read
  • At the end of a passage, take a quiz