With WhizRead, students can quickly and easily:

Look it up

Instantly find out what a word means without leaving the app or asking someone for help! With just a tap, read a definition and examples or choose to hear them aloud.

See it in action

Visualizing a word is a powerful way to understand what it means. Just tap a word or phrase to check out an image or video.

Take a quiz

Make sure you truly understand what you read by taking a short quiz after each reading passage.

Hear it out loud

Tap the owl to hear a word, phrase or even an entire passage read out loud. And when you tap a word or a phrase, you might even hear actual associated sounds – like a lion roaring or a car revving its engine.

Choose what to read

With interactive content parents and teachers can add to the app, plus a selection of engaging reading passages organized by subject and grade level, enjoy a personalized reading experience that’s right for you, at your own pace.


Tap on a word or a phrase and the app will pronounce it for you.


I frequently encounter new words that I don’t see often. I am able to quickly learn all about the word without looking it up in the dictionary or searching for it.

– An eighth-grade student

This is a great tool for my students from other countries. When I try to explain a word or phrase, I can immediately show them a picture instead of trying to explain it with words.

– A first-grade teacher

WhizRead is helpful for my son, who is more of a visual and auditory learner.

– Parent of a fifth-grader

My daughter reads really well, but I feel she doesn’t fully understand what she reads. This app can help her with that.

– Parent of a third-grader

This is a great app even for established readers because they can learn new words and phrases along the way and improve their reading skills.

– A fourth-grade teacher

I like that everything’s in one place: I can ask the app to read for me, I can see images and I can also hear audio. I don’t need to look words up in a dictionary, or search for images or video clips.

– a fourth-grade student