Create and manage custom content

  • Create your own reading comprehension passages for your children
  • Easily compose content to the WhizRead app right from your iPad to personalize the app.
  • You can also upload content from your email or external storage repositories like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive

Make your custom content interactive

  • We will add all the rich, interactive features to your content within minutes (we call it content enrichment)
  • Then, review and edit the enrichments, publish, and share your passages with your children

Create a reading network

  • Connect with your students and their parents
  • Create profiles for your students and manage your connections
  • Invite your students in a secure way
  • Share reading passages with your children

Manage classes, reading groups and reading assignments

  • Create your own classes or reading groups and manage students
  • Create reading assignments for an individual student, a class, or a reading group
  • Monitor the progress of your students on their reading assignments

Control what enrichments can be seen

  • Turn on or off if you want images and videos to be shown for yourself and for your children
  • Turn on or off if you want sound to be played for yourself and for your children