How Can I Make Studying Fun For Kids

How Can I Make Studying Fun For Kids

Children often find studying quite dull and difficult to develop an interest in doing it. They definitely need our help and guidance for their academic path. As a primary educator for our children, it is our core responsibility to encourage our kids to develop an interest in studies. Every child is unique and the same applies to the way they approach education. As a parent, there is no use in forcing them to study. We should be focused on motivating the child so they can develop an interest in their studies. Teaching our children to read and making it enjoyable at the same time is one of the most wonderful gifts you could ever give them.

Although it is common that children lack interest in studying it doesn’t mean it is the parent’s fault. Don’t blame yourself because there are ways to help them. There are a lot of ways to get them motivated so they actually enjoy the work they are doing. It’s all about making studying fun in the early ages, then it will continue endlessly throughout their lifetime which will help them excel in their academic abilities.

7 Creative Ways In Which You Can Make Studying Fun For Your Kids

Yes, as a parent I too know that studying is always boring for kids. Here are some fun and engaging ways to make studying less boring and encourage your kid’s learning journey.

1. Study Cards

Study cards are a great way to have your kid’s study on the go. It’s not just about writing the question on one side and the answer on the other like all of us used to do when we were kids. It has to be more interesting than that. Making interesting study cards with pictures and Graffiti keeps your child learning in a more creative way. You can ask them to narrate a fictional story in and around the cards, recite words, ask for the important facts, story elements, even multiplication tables. You can tailor the cards by making it as appealing as possible so that it stimulates your little scholars to have fun in what they are learning.

2. Educational Games

Reading study guides and notes for hours can be very boring and ineffective for kids. Many times they get fatigued and absorb a lower percentage of the material than they would have in a more exciting environment. It would be a lot more entertaining if you put learning on motion by turning the actual homework into a game. For instance, if your kid is learning math, you can use small pieces of candies to help them count and learn. With these game-based learning techniques, kids will actually learn without feeling like they are doing boring study time. This helps stir up a desire they wouldn’t have had before.

3. Real Life Application

Our kids learn better and faster when we teach them things related to real-life applications. Things taught with this strategy stays with them longer and they are less likely to forget them. This is due to the interaction and involvement that kids show. A good example of this style is the way you can teach your child what measurements are. Instead of them just reading about how it works you can actually cook with them which will help them retain the information better because they can relate to something they actually did.

4. Fun And Creative Learning Spaces

Children easily get distracted by their surroundings and ambiance. This is especially true during their studying or homework time if they don’t really have a supportive space around them. When this happens it becomes hard for them to understand and move forward. Try to avoid busy areas of the home and keep things that distract them out of reach. It is very important that your child likes the space and feels comfortable. For example, it is recommended that the child use the bedroom only for sleep purposes and use a different room for them to study and do homework.

5. Allow Your Child to Take Breaks

Children often find it difficult to concentrate and get frustrated if there are no breaks. Experts and researchers claim that kids really need a 5-minute break for every 20 minutes that they study. I usually give my child 5 minutes to play with toys or musical instruments which keeps him energized and motivated for the next 20 minute period.

6. There is an App for this

Technology is the best way to amaze your children and offer them a more personalized and engaging learning experience. For example, great reading apps can help kids learn to read and practice reading but also make it fun and exciting for them to use. If you look at apps like WhizRead which offer multi-sensory reading features in a fun way you will see it is the perfect companion for your children. With the option to hear the words, see pictures and videos which provide examples of what words are, it is unlike anything they have used. At the end of each lesson, your children can undergo interesting quiz sessions that motivate their reading practice. Apps like WhizRead are definitely worth a try to bring out the curiosity in any child.

7. Compliment Them

Everyone loves being complimented and of course, our kids do too. A simple “Great Job”, “You are Awesome” goes a long way. Tell them something that you are proud of because this helps them be more motivated and focused on what they do. This also helps build their confidence and transitions them into becoming an independent learner. If children are proud of what they were able to accomplish based on their parent’s support and positivity then children are more likely to continue their efforts.

Making your child study without distractions is pretty easy. These are a few simple things you can do to encourage your kids to study and enjoy their learning journey. These simple techniques will help your kids learn in a more engaging way.

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